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The Training Tool Suite

RightChess is undoubtedly the most effective tool ever developed to increase or maintain the strength of chess players of all levels.

RightChess is not only your best coach for openings, strategy, tactics and endgames but a strong contender in your chess games.

Your skills in all phases of the game will be enhanced, rapidly becoming a first line player.

Improve the knowledge of your favourite openings, and strategic and tactical vision and understanding the endgame positions of any kind without the need for cumbersome manuals.

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Rightchess training program is the most widely among chess players first class.

RightChess is a unique program of accelerated learning that develop your intuition and vision of the game at the highest level possible.

RightChess allows you to calculate faster and better.
Furthermore, using the option theory can easily take the right "PLAN".

RightChess has over 5000 lines killer opening, and over 20,000 carefully selected problems that cover all aspects of the game. This variety makes the workout is very pleasant and immediate progress.

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